Maelstrom Solutions is a consortium of specialized software engineers led by veteran developer Marc Perillo. We provide a broad array of embedded software engineering services focused on accelerating your product development. We specialize in the design and implementation of hardened embedded, real-time systems. Our experience spans the industrial, military and telecommunications arenas.

   Maelstrom has the technological and professional expertise required to rapidly advance products from the drawing board to completion. Our experience enables us to anticipate future market needs and recognize development pitfalls, increasing overall quality and reduce time to market.

The presentation below describes what we do in a nutshell ...


"Maelstrom Solutions consulting and problem solving services were indispensable during product development. Their combination of telecommunications knowledge and experience proved cost effective in delivering our products to market rapidly..." - J. Kisela, Project Manager, Fluke Corporation

“...a valuable part of our development team… able to contribute very effectively at the architecture and high level design in addition to detailed design and implementation.” - D. Tuck, CTO, Paragon Networks Intl.